MODEL LETTER You can amend this template letter when approaching a service provider to complain about lack of equal access such as captions, lipspeaking, or sign language.

POLITE LETTER This is a polite letter to organisations asking them to use non-telephone methods to contact you. No overt mention of the law.

LEGAL LETTER This is a more legal letter to organisations who have refused to provide alternatives to telephones for a deaf person or have telephoned someone despite being told not to (or insisted a deaf person relies on 3rd party). This letter should scare the organisation into sending a proper response and providing a non telephony option. If this doesn’t work, try contacting Unity Law

ATW Choose CP This letter is to Access to Work explaining you have the right to choose your communication professional. Requiring you to use another interpreter is not lawful. You should be able to book your choice of interpreter.

CURRENT LAW Current UK laws for equality of access.

DISCRIMINATION Your rights at work

DeafATW Information to help you challenge Access to Work

LAW WORKS Pro bono support