Impact of face masks in shops due to COVID-19

Deaf people from all walks of life have been working really hard to raise awareness of the impact of not being able to follow when everyone is wearing face masks in shops and enclosed spaces.

Here are some of our efforts to spread this awareness:

And another:

If you have any more – please do send them to us and we will add them to this page.

Hello BBC (and other broadcasters) – from Pardon!

We are deaf, and we need access for all. That’s our strapline and our vision.

We pay a licence fee, full licence fee, just like everyone else. We are learning about politics, for the first time we have been able to understand what it’s really all about because we’re deaf and can’t hear things, but we have been following the General election – finally – thanks to social media and your hard work. We have to say your subtitles for the election were amazing, the best we’ve ever seen, then this… Continue reading “Hello BBC (and other broadcasters) – from Pardon!”

Fake Hearing Dogs

I’m not normally one to read the papers as half the time articles can be over exaggerated or just impartial facts but I’ve come across something today that made me sad. For those of you who don’t know me – I’m profoundly deaf and I have a Hearing Dog from the assistance dog charity, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, called Inca. Continue reading “Fake Hearing Dogs”