City Link couriers

i’m sick of being deaf.

I was expecting a parcel delivering today (a used kindle fire from Cash Converters in Wallasy, wherever that is.) Because nothing will wake me up, including a shakeawake clock i have, i slept on the settee.

I woke at 9am stiff as a board to find a card behind the door saying that City Link had called at 8.55am. It was a formula card with details about 2nd deliveries and a bit about tracking your parcel etc. I went to their website and it said that my parcel had been successfully delivered and signed for by someone called Rushworth. Obviously i looked at the card again and the bit about the address of the person signing was blank.

To cut a long story short, the driver is coming back tomorrow sometime between 7.30 and 5.30 to backtrack and see if he can remember where he left the parcel.

If only i’d heard him the first time.